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About mountaincatMountain Cat, is hidden in a cool world ---- the Mogan Mountain, surrounded by bamboo forest. In spring, green bamboos in the whole mountain. In summer, cicadas in singing. In autumn, golden paddy in maturing. In winter, snowflakes in dancing. No skyscrapers, no gorgeous neon lamp here, but have fresh air, have stars all over the sky.
Mountain Cat ˊs predecessor is an old villa. Retaining the original wall, it keeps warm in winter and cool in summer. All design is simple but characteristic. We advocate environmental protection. You can see many lamps, furniture, jewelry and so on, which are remaked by some old or waste materials.
When you are leisure, leaving the bustle of city life occasionally, and getting the brief seclusion. I believe you will enjoy the countryside’s life more
  • Vacation
  • Swimming
  • Mountain bike
  • Business affairs
  • Wedding
  • On foot
  • Picking
  • Driftage
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Contact usMountain Cat
Address:41 Lujiaqiao, Houwuvillage, Deqing County, Zhejiang province
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